Date Title Comments
28 Sep 2016 My 15 years of personal commitment to better water management
16 Sep 2016 Comprehensive action: 2030 Water Resources Group and beyond
12 Sep 2016 Megatrends in water, concerns and responses in a ‘3 by 3’ view from a Nestlé perspective
12 Jul 2016 CNBC Debate: Water Cycle and Management
11 Jul 2016 Urgency of water in the context of other resource and environment issues
10 Jul 2016 Urbanisation and water: a broader view
07 Jul 2016 Improving the efficiency of water use: at the right place, at the right time, in the right form
27 May 2016 Long-term water withdrawals and overuse: the drivers
18 Apr 2016 The ten countries with the best tap water in the world
16 Feb 2016 Phasing out the blog – what subjects for the remaining months?
21 Jan 2016 WEF Davos 2016: Main water session on accelerating the water agenda
14 Jan 2016 WEF 2016 Global Risk Report: water crises the highest concern for the next 10 years
05 Jan 2016 Integrated Water Resources Management – the UN Development Agenda Water Targets 6.5 and 6.6
04 Dec 2015 Water-use efficiency and sustainable withdrawals – the UN Development Agenda Water Target 6.4
11 Nov 2015 Treating wastewater – the UN Development Agenda Water Target 6.3
21 Oct 2015 Sanitation and hygiene for all – the UN Development Agenda Water Target 6.2
30 Sep 2015 Access to safe and affordable drinking water – the UN Development Agenda Water Target 6.1
17 Sep 2015 Water Challenges: the global community sets priorities
19 Aug 2015 Wastewater as a resource
27 Jul 2015 The value of water
09 Jul 2015 Water pollution and prosperity
09 Jun 2015 Addressing untreated wastewater: the G77 Urban Water Alliance
08 Jun 2015 Water quality and pollution
03 Jun 2015 Forests and their role in water supply
13 Apr 2015 Finance for a water secure world
30 Mar 2015 Big data to improve water efficiency
05 Feb 2015 Smart water management to address the crisis
21 Jan 2015 Addressing the global water crisis the 2030 Water Resources Group
16 Jan 2015 10 years of in depth water discussions at the WEF in Davos
15 Jan 2015 Water overuse at the top of the 2015 WEF global risk ranking
19 Dec 2014 Is improved drinking water always also safe
09 Dec 2014 Business in a changing society the water challenge
05 Dec 2014 Water overuse falling groundwater tables
20 Nov 2014 Environmental flows for nature and humans
21 Oct 2014 A water secure world for everyone a shared responsibility
17 Oct 2014 The 2014 Creating Shared Value Global Forum Water
14 Oct 2014 World Food Day 2014 on water and food
30 Sep 2014 2014 Stockholm Water Prize for John Briscoe laudatory speech
25 Sep 2014 Water management part four Global goals to focus local efforts
12 Sep 2014 Water management part three pricing and other cost effective solutions to address overdraft
26 Aug 2014 Water management part two on different users and overuse of freshwater
13 Aug 2014 Water management part one water for survival as a human right
15 Jul 2014 Water shortage has to become the first priority
23 Jun 2014 Rising food waste and water shortage
02 Jun 2014 2014 Stockholm Water Prize for John Briscoe
07 May 2014 Water shortage and policies to stimulate savings in China
25 Apr 2014 Jyotigram Yojana the new Indian PMs approach towards more sustainable energy and water management
16 Apr 2014 Offshore aquifers global panacea or optimistic prognostication
09 Apr 2014 Drought and groundwater in the Great Plains of North America
28 Mar 2014 Lester Brown on water for food
24 Mar 2014 World Water Day 2014 UN Water Best Practices Award for Public Utilities Board of Singapore PUB
19 Mar 2014 Water and energy ten telling facts
03 Mar 2014 CNBC interview risks from surging demand
19 Feb 2014 Seawater desalination a solution to reduce water shortage
11 Feb 2014 Securing future water for the Colorado River requires action now
29 Jan 2014 Matt Damon from Davos 2014 Water without doubt one of the greatest priorities of our time
28 Jan 2014 From Davos need for focus and empowerment for action on water
27 Jan 2014 From Davos Water in the post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN
26 Jan 2014 From Davos Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj Water is the mother of all living
25 Jan 2014 From Davos Breaking the silos in sustainable development
24 Jan 2014 From Davos 2030 WRG to become a more relevant player in global efforts to address water insecurity
22 Jan 2014 More attention in the media to global water risks
22 Jan 2014 Davos WEF Annual Meeting 2014 Crystal Award for Matt Damon and his
16 Jan 2014 Report finds a growing awareness of the global water crisis people with longer term perspective see water shortage as highest global risk
09 Jan 2014 Fighting against corruption in municipal water supply
03 Jan 2014 Water the top five stories of 2013
11 Dec 2013 Blue Partnerships A quarterly newsletter about 2030 Water Resources Group
03 Dec 2013 New challenges for hydropower in Europe
15 Nov 2013 Water Quality and Sustainable Development in India and Across the World
10 Oct 2013 Budapest Water Summit UN Secretary General refers to findings of 2030 Water Resources Group
27 Sep 2013 Link between land rights and long term water conservation
23 Sep 2013 Biofuels our efforts to phase out mandates and subsidies continue
13 Sep 2013 Conservation oriented water pricing
03 Sep 2013 Launch of the 2030 WRG publication Managing Water Use in Scarce Environments - A Catalogue of Case Studies
29 Aug 2013 India's food insecurity compounded by water scarcity
22 Aug 2013 Conflict over water in cross border river basins the need for peaceful cooperation
12 Aug 2013 Grain yields starting to plateau
26 Jul 2013 Food for European biofuels buying farmland and freshwater usage rights in Africa
19 Jul 2013 Water scarcity and food security the role of virtual water trade
25 Jun 2013 Integration of economic legal and scientific perspectives for better public policy decisions regarding the allocation and protection of water
05 Jun 2013 Biofuels a joint letter to Prime Minister Cameron
23 May 2013 Sustainable Development Goals for Water Resources Management and the role of the private sector
02 May 2013 Water in Singapore the city state that looks ahead
23 Apr 2013 Development goals water resources management and the role of the private sector
18 Apr 2013 Water you need for survival is a human right some clarity
03 Apr 2013 The 2030 Water Resources Group some clarity
22 Mar 2013 The importance of partnerships on World Water Day
18 Mar 2013 Sanitation crisis It s time to talk about the solutions
26 Feb 2013 Applying local water challenges to international academic research and education
08 Feb 2013 Catalysts for Action - the 2030 Water Resources Group 2012 Annual Report
28 Jan 2013 Water and the World Economic Forum: the roles of government leadership partnership and collaboration
22 Jan 2013 Water in the post 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDG) strategy: the role of governments
22 Jan 2013 Water in the post 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDG) strategy: what role for the private sector?
21 Jan 2013 Water in the post 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDG) strategy: what goals for the future?
18 Jan 2013 Water in the post 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDG) strategy: what remains to be done until 2015
16 Jan 2013 Water in the post 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDG) strategy were the original MDG targets helpful
11 Jan 2013 Water in the post 2015 MDG strategy: participating in the discussion
08 Jan 2013 The disturbing consequences of our thirst for biofuels
07 Jan 2013 Insights from antiquity: Oman and the art of water pricing
03 Jan 2013 Quality Most Pressing Global Water Problem
18 Dec 2012 A wide ranging conversation about the Water Challenge
07 Dec 2012 Are biofuels a cure worse than the disease?
29 Nov 2012 We should not look to biofuels if we want to tackle climate change
13 Nov 2012 Zu Besuch in Glis/Wallis: Strukturwandel und Wassermanagement im Wallis
12 Nov 2012 Water too much too little too dirty
07 Nov 2012 Perspectives from India
05 Nov 2012

Creating Shared Value - The Nestlé Prize rewards a water project

01 Nov 2012 The Indian water challenge WEF Water Summit at India
16 Oct 2012 World Food Day: A broader view on food security and nutrition
15 Oct 2012 New insights on water and the environment
11 Oct 2012 The role of partnership in tackling the water crisis
09 Oct 2012 Leakage and water management
08 Oct 2012 Urban Water A Crisis Due to Mismanagement Asit K Biswas
04 Oct 2012 Water is a human right but not a free good
28 Sep 2012 Closing the freshwater gap Catalogue of good practices and practitioners good solutions and their suppliers for the levers of the WRG cost curve
24 Sep 2012 About bottled water
05 Sep 2012 What does the US drought crisis tell us about the way we understand water - a follow up
03 Sep 2012 2030 Water Resources Group at World Water Week: fact-based approach to water management
30 Aug 2012 US droughts and India blackouts: why water is the hidden power behind world energy
27 Aug 2012 World Water Week Water and Food Security two priorities precariously entwined
27 Aug 2012 Biofuels are making the US drought crisis worse
24 Aug 2012 What does the US drought crisis tell us about the way we understand water?
24 Aug 2012 We will fail to feed the world until we fix the water crisis